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Tier 2 General

You can apply if you have an offer of a skilled job that cannot be filled by a settled worker and a certificate of sponsorship from an organisation with a licence issued by the UK Border Agency. This category includes applicants coming to the UK to fill shortage occupations. Please be aware that there is a limit on Tier 2 General workers applying for entry clearance and dependants of Tier 4 General migrants switching into Tier 2. However, this limit does not affect those whose annual salary is £150,000 and above.

Points assessment.

To be eligible to apply under this category, applicants need to score a minimum of 70 points as detailed below:

30 points

For assigned certificate of sponsorship having met the requirements of:

Shortage occupation


Job offer with a salary of £150,000 or more


Completion of a resident labour market test by sponsor unless an exemption applies


Extension – continuing to work in the same job for the same Sponsor


20 points


Appropriate salary


10 points


For English language


10 points


For maintenance

Please feel free to contact a member of friendly and helpful team for advice should you wish to apply for a Tier 2 General visa.



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